The SOCAP11 team wants people to solve:

Money + Meaning = the convergence of my values with how I earn, invest and spend my money. It’s about translating my values into action in the marketplace, using the power of the market for good.

To start, I need reliable, easily accessible information, to answer the questions my values lead me to ask.

  • As a consumer: Is the product/service and its intended use sustainable, all along the supply chain and through end of life? Is the company that makes the product or provides the service operating ethically and justly? Can I trust their claims of sustainability?
  • As a worker: Is my employer operating ethically and justly, providing reasonable pay and fair treatment to me and my colleagues, valuing all stakeholders, and making sustainable products?
  • As an investor: Are the public or private companies I invest in producing the sustainable products and services needed, and are they operating as I’d want them to as an employee?

All this requires transparency and useful data that is readily available. The time and effort needed to understand the different ratings systems is frustrating. We lack a consistent way to define what is sustainable, with groups and tools focused on different social and environmental factors. Add in the inequality that currently exists in the world, and the whole problem gives me a headache. I don’t mean to say the situation is hopeless, just that the problem is complex.

I hope SOCAP11 will keep working at transparency and standards, so it becomes easier to achieve the convergence of values with the power of money.

That’s one way to solve the equation. What’s yours?