As I head into a weekend, I ran across this video on another site.  It’s worth watching, for many reasons.  Here are the thoughts that stayed with me after I watched:

  • Coach Wooden’s description of faith is good for me to remember.  Faith that things will work out for the best in the long run if we do the best we’re capable of to make them happen.
  • His definition of success is also important – doing the best one is capable of doing.
  • What a great reminder of what good teachers bring to our lives.
  • What a sharp mind!

Coach Wooden’s talk came as a reminder to me, at a time I needed the reminder.  I need to keep doing the best I can.  That best may or may not mean I “outscore the other team”, but that’s what separates success from winning.  I need to keep faith that my successes will lead to achievement of our goals.

When you see this, maybe it will be the reminder you need, too.